Patagonia Argentina
Trout Fly-Fishing

Lago Lacar - San Martin de los Andes

The trout fly-fishing program of Arco Iris Cabins, Patagonia Argentina

This trout fly-fishing program takes place within a sixty-mile radius of San Martin de los Andes resort town.

Lodging is at Arco Iris Cabins.

Our specialties are wading, float trips and lake fly-fishing.

Lanin volcano and Araucaria Forest.

Our famous rivers are: Malleo Chimehuin, Caleufu, Alumine and Collon Cura

Our famous lakes are: Huechulafquen, Tromen, Lacar, Lolog, Hermoso, Falkner, Villarino.

Malleo river - Patagonia Argentina

All programs include transfer in-out airport, accommodation, local transportation to and from the fishing destinations, boats, fishing guide and meals.

For details please follow the respective links.

Brown trout in Chimehuin river

Last minute of light in Malleo river.


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